Outdoor leisure chair wood part and a chair leg bracket situation(Hits:) 
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As people life quality rise, the outdoor leisure chairs have not confined to the garden. Now in many public places such as: community, parks, entertainment plaza there are outdoor leisure chairs. These outdoor leisure chair, beautiful appearance diversity. It has also become a lot of city beautiful elements, and brings great convenience to people. Next we come to know of outdoor leisure chairs wooden material part and a chair leg bracket situation.
      One, wood material part
      1, selection of high quality mountain Zhangmu, carefully selected confirm material;
      2, after debugging, anti-termite, anti-corrosion, drying molding processing;
      3, surface using high-quality outdoor polymer coating, to form a reliable protection layer, so that the outdoor weathering with durable, not easy to rupture, deformation, decay, insects and other advantages, timeless;
      4, anti-corrosion treatment will be filled with tung oil brush three times, be over saturated exposure after 24 hours, the construction again, ensure the wood color varnish natural simplicity, Seiko secret agents, radian beautiful, wooden thick, superior product quality, long service life, easy maintenance, all kinds of suitable climate, durability, health and hygiene;
      5, line style, accord with human body engineering mechanics principle, sitting comfort, handsome in appearance.
      In two, the chair foot bracket steel part
      In 1, a steel pin, made of steel or steel stamping and welding and bending, this type of chair legs with high plasticity, changing styles, modeling simple modern, steel structure surface by pickling phosphating spray, appearance quality and anti-rust ability improve.
      In 2, iron feet, much of grey cast iron manufacturing, there are also some malleable cast iron ( cast iron upgrade products ), processing after the surface is rough, bulky, easily broken, assembly precision, style and more European, is now into the modern elements. Product fashionable, outdoor use anti-corrosion rust-proof capability is very strong.
      The 3 foot, cast aluminum, precision casting and permanent mold casting technology, products delicate appearance, not only losing cast iron foot stable, but also has a simple steel foot, but because the price is too high, the public will rarely see it.
      The content is outdoor leisure chairs wooden material part and a chair leg bracket 's specific situation, the popularity of outdoor leisure chair not only add to the city's charming scenery, but also brings people convenience, so that more harmonious environment.